The Initial with Ship and Parakeet

About the Book

Eda Jaanson is a calligrapher, who receives a mysterious order from a strange man. Through her work, the protagonist opens up both as a woman and an artist against a backdrop of an array of humorous side characters.
Piret Raud’s first novel for adults talks about finding oneself in art and outside of it, as well as the desire for recognition that bears on all of the book’s characters and their values, choices.

"Especially worth noting is Raud’s ability to sketch very meaningful images with two to three sentences, for example opening characters through an expressive detail or an interesting observation."

"My reading experience classifies The Initial with Ship and Parakeet among works with a strong aftereffect."

"Piret Raud’s graphics are precise and tidy, so to speak, but at the same time imaginative and carried by an exquisite sense of humour. All of this can also be said of the novel in question."