© Ingrid Maasik

Born on 15 July 1971 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1995.

MA degree studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts from 1995 until 1997. Thesis defended in 1998 (thesis "Copper Engraving in Estonia" and a series of graphic sheets in engraving technique).

First participation in art exhibition in 1992.

First book published in 1994.

Member of the Estonian Artists' Association since 1998 and the Estonian Writers' Union since 2006. 

Copper engraving executed in 2000. Detail                                                                                                           © Piret Raud


Exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Italy, Spain, Iran, USA, Japan and Argentina.

Works represented in the collections of Estonian Art Museum and National Library of Estonia.

Books published in Estonian, French, English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Albanian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Korean, Arab, Chinese and Occitan (Gascon, Languedocien and Limousin dialects).