The Story of the Little House Who Wanted to be a Home

"The Story of the Little House Who Wanted to be a Home" in French. Published by Éditions du Rouergue.


Rights sold: French, Russian, Chinese, Lithuanian, Estonian.

About the Book

Deep in the countryside there lives an empty little house. She is lonely and sad and would dearly like to be someone's home. One day she decides to find someone who would like to live in her. Who could it be? A dog? Or a fish? Or a bird? Or maybe even the homeless man Jim? Or will it be someone entirely different? On the last page of the book, we come across an illuminated window: it turns out the little house's quest hasn't been in vain, after all!

"L’histoire de la petite maison qui recherchait des habitants permet de regarder les choses d’une autre manière, en renversant l’ordre habituel d’usage. Le dessin de Piret Raud, une illustratrice estonienne virtuose, est délicat, minutieux."