Ellie's Voice or Trööömmmpffff

"Ellie's Voice or Trööömmmpffff " in French. First published in France in 2016 by Éditions du Rouergue.


Rights sold: French, Italian, English, Estonian


"5 Best-Designed Children’s Books", Certificate of Merit, 2016
IBBY Honour List, 2018

About the Book

A little bird named Eli lives on the sandy shore of the big sea. Eli has no voice. One morning Eli finds a horn on the beach. When she blows into one end of it, it makes a fantastic loud noise, which goes: " Trööömmmpffff!" Eli is overjoyed - now she finally has her own voice! But before long she finds out that the trumpet belongs to Duke Junior. Without his trumpet Duke Junior isn't himself anymore: he's incomplete. What should Eli do?